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Althea Gibson


Althea has been a successful dog sport competitor for more than a decade. She has trialed and earned titles with her dogs in Nosework, Barn Hunt, Trick Dog, Rally, FastCAT, Obedience, Conformation and PWDCA Water Trials.  She is currently competing with her Portuguese Water Dog, Guinness, and her Lagotto Romagnola, Nitro.

After trying several dog sports with her heart dog, Cocoa Puff, Team Cocoa Puff settled into Nosework.  Nosework became Team Cocoa Puff's sport of choice!  Guinness followed in his sister’s footsteps and quickly earned the coveted UKC Elite Nosework title.  Both Guinness and Nitro, are just beginning their AKC Scent Work career.

Althea is also very proud of Team Nitro's Trick Dog accomplishments.  Nitro currently holds the highest AKC Trick Dog title of Trick Dog Elite Performer (TKE).  Nitro is also a 2021 AKC National Trick Dog Competition Qualifier.

Althea enjoys attending training seminars and researching online resources for new and innovative ways to help her students and their dogs become a successful competitive team.

Althea currently serves as the Trial Secretary for Scent Work trials hosted by the Frontier Leonberger Club of the Southwest and Krafty K9 Dog Sports.

As a believer that training should not be a chore, Althea thinks that training should be fun!

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