Althea Gibson


Althea has been involved in various dog sports for 11 years. She has trialed dogs in Nosework, Rally, Obedience,  Conformation,  PWDCA Water Trials (Portuguese Water Dog breed-specific), Dock Diving, FASTCat and Companion Dog. 


After trying several dog sports with her Cocoa Puff, Team Cocoa Puff tried Nosework.  Cocoa Puff loved and excelled in it.  Nosework was Cocoa Puff's sport!  

Althea currently trials with her boys, Guinness and Nitro.   Guinness followed in his sister's footsteps in Nosework and achieved the UKC Elite Nosework title in 05/2018, exactly 3 years from his debut.


Nitro, at only two years old, attained the Trick Dog Elite title in 07/2020.  Team Nitro also has titled in FASTCat as well as Dock Diving with North America Diving Dogs.