Canine Fitness Workshop

Canine fitness is important for all dogs during every stage of their life! Help your dog live an injury free life with preventative exercises. 

January 22nd 

9 am - 1 pm

Join us for a fitness workshop focusing on foundation exercises for your canine friend/athlete.  Why canine fitness?  

• Creates improvements in balance, strength and endurance 

• Improves performance during daily activities and competition/jobs 

• Decreases the risk for injury 

• Builds the bond between dog and human 

• Aids in weight management 

• Aids in helping senior dog stay active 

• Improves the dog's mental and physical health 

Basic but effective exercises you can implement in your dog's daily exercise routine will be taught with a focus on proper form and safety. These exercises will not require any special equipment and  we will discuss how you can increase the difficulty of exercises with equipment found around your  home.  

Warm up and Cool down routines will also be discussed.

Instructor: Andrea Friedel

**Dogs must be able to work in an environment with other dogs**

Pricing and Registration

$75 per working spot (work your dog, ask questions, observe and take notes!)

*5/10 working spots available*

$25 per audit spot (ask questions, observe and take notes!)

*4/5 audit spots available*