"Everything I know I learned from dogs." – Nora Roberts

Christy Bergeon


Christy fell in love with the sport of obedience in 1985. Her little pal was a Schipperke who also became a breed champion with group placings. 10 years later Christy's interest and focus changed to scent work. She acquired a German Shepherd Dog who was up for the task. After acquiring her tracking titles she started training for human remains recovery. Her shepherd made both land and water recoveries. In 2002 she acquired her first Border Collie, who at 7 months of age passed her Level 1 Recovery test. Christy spent 2 weeks in Peru in 2007 with her Border Collie and 2 other associates working with a forensics anthropologist and team to search for victims of human rights violations that were buried in single and mass graves from the 1980s. Today she is still on a recovery team with her 2 Border Collies. Christy keeps both girls active in scent work doing Nosework. Christy keeps both girls active in scent work doing Nosework. She uses similar techniques and skills from training human remains detection dogs when teaching Nosework. 


Christy is the Vice President and one of the founders of South Texas Nosework Dogs, the only UKC licensed nosework club in the Houston area. Freya, Christy's Border Collie, earned all four of the UKC Elite Nosework titles, making her the ninth dog in the country to earn her Elite Noswork Title. Whistle, Christy's adopted Border Collie is well on her way to receiving her UKC Elite Nosework title.