Everett Lowenstein
Everett Lowenstein grew up handling a large variety of animals and developed a strong passion for canine behavior and training. He currently has one dog and one cat- Rembrandt the Sheltie-mix and Daphne the Domestic Longhair.

Everett has taken Karen Pryor Courses as well as several obedience and agility classes with KraftyK9 Dog Sports. Furthermore, Everett recently graduated Cum Laude from Texas A&M University with his Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science with departmental honors. He has recently applied to veterinary school in order to pursue a career as a veterinary behaviorist.

He has experience with training obedience and public manners with dogs across a wide range of ages and breeds. From puppies that play bite and need potty training, to adult dogs that need desensitization for trips to the vet, Everett handles them all!

Everett is constantly striving to learn about new techniques and methods to improve his training prowess. His caring nature and dedication to client education, as well as his utilization of positive reinforcement methods, makes him a great trainer. KraftyK9 Dog Sports is very lucky to have Everett on the team!