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Welcome to group training! 
Challenging courses with a fun group atmosphere!
email us at to get on the list and be notified first for all future offerings!



These sessions run similarly to a class with no instruction. Courses will heavily include elements seen in UKI, AKC Premiere and international type agility. 


Participants will walk the course upon arrival and we will create a running order during the walk through. Participants are encouraged to bounce ideas off each other, offer some helpful tips to fellow agility teams and cheer for those awesome moments we see from our friends! Bring a snack to share, BYOB (or enjoy some of our tasty coffees from our coffee bar) and enjoy running some agility! This is geared to be a relaxed and enjoyable session, with challenging courses!


All are welcome! If you want to just come out and watch, that's totally fine! If you want to sign up with your dog and just practice some of the elements in the course, that is fine too! 

What to expect 

  • The building will be open 30 minutes prior to the official start time on the website! Feel free to come in and set up your crate and other items.  You are welcome to crate from the car if the weather is suitable. 

  • The group walk through will be at the start of the hour for 10 minutes. 

  • Please do not enter the ring unless it is your walkthrough time, your run time, or if the current person invited you in during their time. 

  • Keep dogs away from other dogs and quiet while other dogs are running. 

  • Bring a snack to share! BYOB if you would like! 

  • $25 per dog and $15 for every extra dog in the same family. 


Below are the course maps for the upcoming dates and times. The start time is when we will begin - if you arrive an hour after the start time we cannot guarantee we will still be there. Please arrive at the start time or within the first hour of the listed session. 

December 10th

11:00 am

Walk time is 11:00- 11:15 am!

Screen Shot 2023-12-30 at 6.06.59 PM.png

$25 per dog

$15 for each additional dog of the same family

**pre-registration is required**

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