Agility Seminars with Kathleen Oswald

With nearly twenty years in dog agility, Kathleen has run dogs of all shapes, sizes and  personalities. She believes that every team is capable of reaching their full potential. Kathleen  began agility with a Lhasa and has since titled a variety of breeds from a Norfolk terrier to a  Doberman pinscher. She is a 5-time AKC World Team Member with her sheltie, Whimzy, and  has a border collie and young sheltie training. While teaching agility, Kathleen is working to  finish her Master’s in Exercise Science specializing in Sports Psychology. 

Kathleen has placed 7 MACHs on her shelties, and earned a PACH on the Doberman pinscher,  Nikki . With three of her dogs she’s competed overseas eleven times at the European Open,  Border Collie Classic, and Agility World Championships. She and Whimzy have helped Team  USA earn 3 medals at the World Championships. 


A few of Kathleen's agility accomplishments; 

2019 EO Team Finalist - Whimzy 

2018 Border Collie Classic National Team Finalist – S’more 

2017 AWC Silver Agility Team Medal - Whimzy 

2014 AWC Gold Medalist Team Member - Whimzy 

2014 AWC Silver Agility Team Medal - Whimzy 

2015-2016 EO Individual Finalist – Whimzy 

2014 AKC National 20"P Finalist and second place - Nikki 

2013 EO Individual Finalist - Jenna 

2013 AKC Nationals 12” Finalist - Jenna 

If you’d like to know more about Kathleen check out Agility and Beyond Online:  http://agilityandbeyond.com/


Pricing and Registration

Each workshop: $145 per team ($5 discount for current KK9 students)

$5 discount for each additional workshop 

$45 per audit spot, per workshop

**We accept deposits on seminars! Pay half now and half later!**

Agility Foundations Workshop

October 16th
9 am - 1 pm

Building an agility foundation is an ongoing project; we want our dogs to have a clear idea of hand signals, body language and verbal commands before we introduce them to equipment. This workshop broadens your dog’s understanding of verbal commands, distance cues and crosses. Using just wings and tunnels, this seminar is perfect for handlers with puppies and young dogs looking to strengthen their foundation skills. 
*Puppies (6 months plus – young dogs) 

Stuck Contacts: Developing Independence

October 16th
2 - 6 pm

Stuck contacts are only beneficial to your team if the behavior is reliable, consistent and independent. Often as we began trialing our once perfect 2o2o deteriorates or isn’t as reliable or versatile as we had hoped! This seminar focuses on drills to help strengthen your dog’s performance; allowing you to cross ahead or behind a contact and get distance in any direction. We will focus on improving your dog’s understanding of the criteria and help you utilize effective reward placement. This seminar is perfect for those looking to improve their current contact behavior or further develop their 2o2o foundation training. 
*15 months and up – will use full height contact equipment

Crosses Clinic: When, Where and Why?

October 17th
9 am - 1 pm
1 working spots available

Looking to understand crosses better than ever? This half day seminar will teach you the placement, execution and reasoning behind front crosses, rear crosses and blind crosses. Using visual aids, discussions and short sequences, Kathleen will give you the tools you need to apply crosses on every course you encounter. 
*Novice level and up, sequences stay between 5-8 obstacles 

International Foundation Drills

October 17th
2 - 6 pm

Complex courses with fancy turns are oh-so much fun, but only if you have the skills to handle them! Starting from the ground up, this seminar will use short sequences and short drills to break down the basic elements of international style courses. We will work on understanding each type of challenge and what skills to apply to each. With an emphasis on building handling and verbal skills, you and your teammate will leave with the tools to tackle even the most challenging of courses. 
* 15 months and above – not intended for puppies.