Essentials for Competition  
6 Weeks

Instructors: Judy Ramsey & Lora Raycroft

Dates : July 1st - August 5

**NOTE: The last class session will be posted August 6th.  Students will have access to the online class until September 2nd.  

During this six-week session, students and their dogs will be introduced to and practice indispensable concepts and techniques.   This training will help boost confidence, promote engagement, and encourage the development of focus and drive needed for successful participation in any dog sport!  All training will be balanced with relationship building and independent performance.  Students will learn how to build value for their dogs to come quickly and stay with them, as well as leave their side and quickly to perform a task!  Students will also be taught how to properly use the technique of “shaping” to teach their dog’s body awareness exercises as well as other skills pertinent to agility, obedience or rally competition.

If you want a great foundation for any sport you plan to compete in with your dog, don’t miss this awesome class!

Price per team: $50