Obedience Seminars with Rachel Tabor Flatley 

August 28 - 29, 2021

Rachel has earned nearly 300 performance titles on her own dogs (Boston Terriers, a Papillon and Border Collies) as well as titles on a Chinese Crested, a Scottish Terrier and a Corgi. Not only do her dogs perform with accuracy, their enthusiasm for their work is evident. Rachel consistently finishes in the top of her class with multiple dogs (in obedience, she has earned High In Trial awards on 5 different dogs). Rachel works full-time training dogs and their people in multiple venues (obedience, agility, rally and freestyle). She has written training articles for nationally circulated magazines as well as a booklet on optimizing practice time and not falling into common training pitfalls. Most recently Rachel has released “Training Meals”. This popular product is a deck of laminated cards containing instructions for mini training sessions for your dog at meal time (or any time).

Her students do well in competition. She moved north of Gainesville, FL, 8 years ago and started a training school. Her positive methods have worked well, enabling dogs of many breeds not normally seen in the ring to attain performance titles. These include: Afghan, Bassett Hound, Dalmatian, Scotty, Weimaraner and Westie. Rachel’s team at 2013 DOCOF (Florida’s Annual State Obedience Competition) won the competition and the High Tri-Combined award and brought home 17 of the 25 trophies available. At DOCOF 2015, her team won the High Tri-Combined award again. Her 2016 DOCOF team placed 2nd in the overall competition. With her own dogs, Rachel is actively training/competing in many performance sports. These include: obedience, agility, rally, freestyle and tracking.

Rachel's current dogs...

Wisp front with article (2).jpeg

Wisp is 11 1/2 years old. She and Rachel have gone “High in Trial” at over 50 obedience trials (including DOCOF) and have earned over 30 “High Combined” awards competing in Utility and Open. Wisp and Rachel have also earned several scores of 199 1/2 and placed second overall in Open at the first AKC Obedience Classic in December 2013, also winning “Highest Scoring Dog” in the Blue Round. Wisp has completed four
obedience championships: two AKC Obedience Championships (OTCH), her ASCA Obedience Championship
(OTCH) and, most recently, her UKC Obedience Championship (U-OCH). Wisp earned her RAE2 with 26 of the40 scores being perfect 100s. In March 2017, Wisp placed 6 th in the RAE class (which was the highest skill level
offered at the time) at AKC’s Rally Nationals. In December 2017 Wisp earned her USDAA Agility Championship
(ADCH). She completed her Performance Dog Championship (PDCH) in December of 2018 and since then has
added a PDCH Bronze and PDCH Silver to the agility championship list.

Rachel and Primer (9 years old), have enjoyed great success at DOCOF including a 198 in Novice, 1 st place, High Tri Combined and High In Trial at DOCOF 2013 (which happened to be his first trial ever), a 198 and 1 st place in Novice at DOCOF 2014, and a 199 and 1 st place in Open and High tri-Combined at DOCOF 2015. Primer has multiple High In Trial awards to his name, one of which he beat Wisp in a run off to earn. Primer competed at the All Star Tournament in Pennsylvania (August 2014) earning his first 199 score (of many), a third place in
Novice Obedience, third place in Novice Rally and second place in the Maximum Dog Competition. Primer won 4 th place in Open at The Classic in December of 2015. In 2016 Primer earned his Tracking Dog (TD) title. In 2017 Primer completed his OM1 and UDX and then took a break from obedience while her pursued his recently earned Performance Dog Agility Championship (PDCH).

Primer DOCOF (2).jpeg
Sparkle Awards Novice Classic (2).jpeg

Sparkle, the daughter of Wisp and Primer, is 5 1/2 years old. In the fall of 2017, she completed her AKC Companion Dog (CD) obedience title (all three qualifying scores won High In Trial and her top score was 199). Sparkle earned CD titles in UKC and ASCA too, earning a perfect 200 while pursuing her ASCA CD. Sparkle completed her Rally Novice title with scores of 99 and 100. In the fall of 2018, she completed her AKC and UKC Companion Dog Excellent obedience titles, earning her second 200 score. In December of 2018 Sparkle earned 4 th place in Novice at The Classic, losing a total of 6 points over 3 rounds at this difficult obedience venue. In January of 2018, she passed her tracking certification. In agility, she has had an amazing qualifying rate and in 14 months went from her first trial to completing her USDAA Agility Championship (ADCH). Since that time, she has knocked out her ADCH Bronze, ADCH Silver, ADCH Gold, a Graduate Open obedience title and was an excellent mother to her first litter of puppies. Sparkle is currently well on her way to earning her ADCH Platinum and is getting ready to have a second litter of puppies. Next fall she will return to the
obedience ring to earn her Utility Dog (UD) title.

We know seminars can be costly. That's why we offer the option to pay half now as a deposit, and pay the rest later! You will receive this option upon registration. 

Time to learn! See below for seminar topics and registration!

Attention, Focus and Engagement

Games for the competition dog!

9 am - 12:30 pm

Saturday, August 28th

$115 per working spot

$45 per audit spot

Learn techniques and games for teaching attention, and how to make your training and time in the ring look more alike.  Learn about things you might be doing which are accidentally undoing all your hard work to create attention/focus/engagement. Teach your dog that a distraction is actually a cue to pay attention.

Pre-requisites: Dogs must be able to work in a group environment and have a foundation of heel work for Rally or Obedience. Please email us if you have questions kraftyk9dogsports@gmail.com

Stands, Fronts and Finishes

Building value and accuracy for important positions!

1:30 - 5 pm

Saturday, August 28th, 2021

$115 per working spot

$45 per audit spot

Is your dog having trouble holding still for one of the stand exercises? Let’s teach stand games! Your dog will actually look forward to this exercise and it will be excited to hold still as you leave and as the judge examines it. Also, have you learned how many points are lost on slightly crooked fronts and finishes? Let’s discover fun ways to increase your dog’s understanding of these positions.


Pre-requisites: Dogs must be able to work in a group environment and have a foundation of heel work for Rally or Obedience. Please email us if you have questions kraftyk9dogsports@gmail.com

Heeling - All The Steps! 

Building drive, accuracy and value for heel position!

9 am - 5 pm - 1 hour lunch break with lunch included!

August 29th, 2021

$165 per working spot

$75 per audit spot

This seminar covers the heeling foundation skills for both the dog and the handler. Included are engagement skill sets, body mechanics skills sets for the dog, body mechanic skill sets for the person, heeling specific skill sets, and impulse control skill sets.

Pre-requisites: Dogs must be able to work in a group environment and have been introduced to concepts of learning such as reinforcement delivery and reward markers. Please email us if you have questions kraftyk9dogsports@gmail.com