Better Reinforcement Strategies
with Liz Randall and Rachel Downs
December 11 & 12, 2021, 9 am - 5 pm each day
  • Bridging the gap between training and showing
  • finding the best way to use reinforcement for your dog
  • get more from your training - work smarter not harder! 
How, when and the frequency of reinforcement can make or break a dog's agility career. Join us for this two day workshop and see how to use reinforcement strategies in your daily training!
We believe we offer something a little more than a typical agility seminar; the ability to teach the students how to problem solve through their own training issues, and how to better approach training with an increased understanding of their dog’s behavior. Rachel and Liz both possess knowledge and experience in behavioral training, and work to stay current with progressions in positive reinforcement training, and strive to deepen the influence of science-based training in the agility community. Both Liz and Rachel train dogs full time, and have combined more than 30 years experience with a vast array of breeds and dog personalities. We believe that our focus on clean, clear training, and on the emotions of the dogs we work with, has set us apart and helped make us successful in the higher competitive levels of agility competition.

We focus on;
  • Learning theory basics and understanding
  • Reinforcement options and the mechanics of how to apply them effectively
  • Relationship building considerations
  • Working clean and effective training loops in an agility context

Meet your coaches! 

Rachel Downs was introduced to the world of dog sports early in life. Raised by a family heavily involved in conformation, obedience, and agility, Rachel began competing as a young child. By her teenage years she was teaching dog training with her local training club. While conformation and obedience were her introductions to the training world, agility soon became Rachel’s grand passion.

As a young adult, Rachel trained dogs semi-professionally for both sport and to address behavioral issues. It was during this time that she started to seek out and study the science of positive reinforcement based training, motivated by her studies in college. In 2010 she obtained a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, having focused heavily on the study of behavior modification and learning theory. Over the next decade, Rachel was married, moved with her military husband across the country and back again, and had two children. Throughout, she continued to train and compete in agility, as well as instruct.

In 2015, while living in San Diego, California Rachel started her own agility training school, Strategic Dog Sports. At the completion of her husband's military career in 2016, Rachel moved back to Texas and took a full time job at What A Great Dog in Richardson, Tx. to teach agility professionally. Her love for science and her consideration for the feelings of the dogs she works with has continued to motivate Rachel to seek out new and progressive training methods to apply to her agility training. It is this zeal for learning that Rachel attributes to her success with a wide variety of breeds she has personally trained, including Beagles, Belgian Sheepdogs, Catahoula Leopard Dogs, Labrador Retrievers, Border Collies, and Belgian Malinios, as well as her ability to help students  and their dogs with issues from behavioral to elite performance.

Read more about Rachel: CLICK HERE

Elizabeth, or Liz, Randall grew up in North County San Diego, and has worked with animals her whole life. Growing up in a dog- and horse-centric family, she was an avid, competitive equestrienne by age nine. From riding ponies to Baskin Robbins in Solana Beach at age five, to working with a herd of more than 100 horses on a guest ranch in Wyoming in her twenties, to flying across the country to compete in New York City at the Westminster Agility Championship with her rescued pit bull mix Phineas, she truly understands what it means to have complex and fulfilling relationships with animals.

Not only does Liz run the “front of the house,” overseeing daily
business operations, but she also heads the Dogs Abound training
program, using scientifically-based, positive methods, and has held her Certified Pet Dog Trainer credential (CPDT-KA) since 2011. She is continuously learning new methods and theories of dog training, health, and overall wellness, and strives to be on the forefront of what is best for our dogs’ well being.

Throughout Southern California, Liz is known in dog sports for not only being a talented trainer of skills, but for having a high level of understanding of canine behavior, which allows her and her students to compete at the highest levels of their chosen sports. Liz competes locally and nationally in agility with her dogs. She also competes with and has titled her dogs in obedience, nose work, barn hunt, and lure coursing.

Liz’s dogs Phineas (mixed breed) and Beatrix (border collie) have both achieved multiple wins across a variety of agility venues at events across the country, including podium spots in Grand Prix, Biathlon and Steeplechase at multiple USDAA Regional events in 2018, 2019 and 2020. In 2019, Liz and Beatrix won the 22" UKI Games Challenge National Championship at the UKI US Open of Agility.

Liz currently teaches behavioral and sport lessons in San Marcos at Dogs Abound, at other private facilities across the US, and online. She has parlayed her love and talents for working with animals into a career in which she helps dogs, and ultimately their humans, achieve higher levels of communication, with each other and beyond.

Pricing and Registration

Working spot.........$325 per team ($10 discount for current KK9 students) **8/14 spots left


Audit spot..............$175 per person ($10 discount for current KK9 students)

**We accept deposits on seminars! Pay half now and half later!**