Agility training in Houston, TX

Join our agility program and discover the benefits of professional coaching and a well planned curriculum.


Our classes sequence and build on each other. The curriculum is designed to help each team reach their individual goals while successfully gaining all the skills needed for agility! 

FUN-gility - 4 week session   
 **Dogs should have taken a basic manners class before this class. Dogs should be able to work in a class environment. Please email us if you have any questions.**


Does your dog love to run and jump? Do they have tons of energy? Maybe you always wanted to get into the sport of agility, or just want a little taste! This 4 week class is designed perfectly for you! During this 4 week session, dogs will be introduced to concepts frequently seen and taught in agility.  Dogs will even complete a miniature obstacle course on graduation week!

This class is also great for retired agility dogs or older dogs who would like something fun to do!


If you decide you want to take your training further and compete in agility, you can enter our competition series after this class!

Price per team: $135

  • new class start dates:

    • Saturday, October 29th, 10:45 am with coach Marcella Ward 

basics for agility- 4 week session  
Dog's must take the class, Opposites Attract, before Basics for Agility

This is an exciting session where you and your dog will learn concepts and skills directly related to the sport of agility! This class will lay the groundwork for a successful progression to the next level of agility training.  You and your dog will learn concepts and techniques including, but not limited to the foundation for jumping, handling on the flat (front crosses, rear crosses and blind crosses), handling used on jumps, and also the introduction to contact behavior.   If you have aspirations of competing in agility, don’t miss this class.

Price per team: $135 

new class start dates: ​​

  • July 20th, 1 pm with coach Lora


Building Blocks for the Agility dog - 6 week session

**Dogs must take Basics for Agility (or the equivalent approved by KK9) before this class. We will usually accept a class from another training facility in order to waive the pre-requisites - please email us for approval! kraftyk9dogsports@gmail.com**


This class will focus on all the things you and your dog need to be a strong team in agility! This is the blueprint of your dog's agility career, the nuts and bolts, the foundation! This invaluable class will give your team the things you need to become the best team you can be!


During the six-week session, dog & handler teams will be introduced to concepts, techniques and equipment used in the sport of dog agility! Each week we will work on jump foundation skills, contact behavior and other skills necessary for agility!

Price per team: $165

new class start dates:

Tuesdays, 7:50 pm with coach Miranda Livesay

Wednesdays 11:30 am with coach Lora Raycroft

skills and drills - 6 week session

​This is one of our most popular classes! This class molds to each team and will challenge those who are more advanced while we break down handling and sequences for teams that are still in the beginning stages!


Students are expected to have been introduced of jump work and foundation skills before taking this class. 

During this six week session, students will be taught to recognize and handle specific jump combinations and practice all other skills necessary to successfully navigate an agility course. This class is meant to set teams up for masters agility or just brush up on your skills!  Each week dogs will also practice contacts and weaves! 

Price per team: $155

  • Monday mornings at 10:30 am with coach Bonny Crews

  • Monday afternoons at 1:00 pm with coach Bonny Crews

  • Tuesday mornings at 11:30 am with coach Lora Raycroft

  • Wednesday evenings at 8:00 pm with coach Judy Ramsey

  • Thursday mornings at 10:30 am with coach Lora Raycroft

  • Thursday mornings at 11:40 am with coach Lora Raycroft

  • Thursday evenings at 6:10 pm with coach Miranda Livesay

  • Thursday evenings at 8:20 pm with coach Miranda Livesay

Beginning/Masters Course Work Hybrid Class - 6 week session
Teams will have the option to run either the novice course  or the masters course that is set up! If you are done the basics and are ready to put skills together in a novice course, this class is for you! If you are beyond the novice level, you are welcome to run the masters course that is set up! 

*dogs are expected to know all of the agility obstacles including jumps, tunnels, 6 weaves and contacts (teeter, A-frame, dog walk)

Price per team: $155

Mondays at 11:45 am with coach Bonny Crews

Thursdays at 1 pm with coach Lora Raycroft

masters agility 

The Excellent/Masters session is for handlers and their dogs who are competing/training at the masters levels in agility.  Teams will continue to perfect their skills, practice more complex  courses, and prepare to compete in various venues of agility. In our classes, we practice elements seen in AKC masters courses and premiere. We also practice some elements seen in UKI/USDAA type courses! 

Price per team: $155 (This is for a 6 week guaranteed session)

  • Mondays

    • 6:40 pm with coaches Andrea Friedel and Amy Parker

    • 7:50 pm with coaches Andrea Friedel and Amy Parker

  • Tuesdays

    • 10 am with coach Judy Ramsey

    • 12:40 pm with coach Judy Ramsey

    • 6:40 pm with coach Miranda Livesay

  • Wednesdays

    • 9:45 am with coach Lora Raycroft

  • Thursdays

    • 9:15 am with coach Lora Raycroft

    • 7:15 pm with coach Miranda Livesay