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Our companion dog program focuses on building your relationship with your dog.  Students learn necessary life skills such as come when called, loose leash walking and polite greetings. All our classes teach the dog in a positive manner as we show the dog what to do and reward them for desired behaviors.  

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Start with an orientation class!

You and your dog will have fun in this hour long class designed to set you up for success. Dogs will be introduced training concepts, techniques and skills that are the foundation for a solid training program. Sit, focus games, name response and recall are just some of the skills presented in this session.


Upcoming orientation dates are listed below:​​​​


  • Saturday, October 7th, 11:00 am

  • Saturday, October 21st, 12:15 pm

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After you've completed the orientation, schedule any of the other seven classes, in any order, at your convenience. These are often scheduled on the same days and times as the orientation classes. Each class is an hour and is structured in a small group format.

Our classes are listed below: 

Loose Leash Walking

Begin to enjoy your walks with your dog, instead of feeling like an anchor at the end of the leash!


You may want to take your dog on frequent walks, but all they do is pull! This class will introduce different techniques to enhance your walk with your dog. We will focus on specific skills in order to strengthen communication between the human and the dog. 


Dogs will start to enjoy walking together with their human instead of constantly pulling on the leash. 

Midtown Manners

learn skills that will help you take your dog on the town!


Do you want to be able to take your dog to restaurant patios, coffee shops, cafes and breweries?


Taking our dogs to social settings with us can be super fun, but what do we need to do in order to prepare them for a successful outing? This class will focus on learning skills we need in order to have a fun day or night on the town with our pups!

Sustained Behaviors

Build duration and understanding to those stationary behaviors such as waiting at doors. 




We can get our dog to stay for just a second, but how do we increase that duration? We want to focus on increasing the dog's understanding of stationary behaviors. Waiting at doors and other stationary behaviors can be very helpful to our daily life.


In this class, we will work on sit, down, stay, waiting at doors, and more!

Recall Rover

Build a fast and reliable recall through motivating games! 


"FLUFFY, COME!" If your dog hears this, do they run towards you as fast as possible? Or do they take their time, and maybe even ignore you?


A reliable recall is one of the most important thing you can teach your dog. Through lots of different games, we will learn how to understand and maintain a recall throughout your dog's whole life! 

Brain Buster

Enhance your dog's everyday life with different puzzles. 

Dog with Toy

There may be moments in your day that you just need a break. Or you might think to yourself "Why is my dog still crazy and energetic, I JUST took them on a walk!" This class is all about how to help keep your dog mentally stimulated and why that is so important!


Enhance your dog's critical thinking skills while learning how to complete new tasks! Enrichment helps keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated. 

From Frisky to Focus

learning to focus can be hard for a lot of dogs, what can we do to help?


Sometimes it feels like your dog just does NOT hear you and is fixated on the distractions in the environment!

All dogs need help focusing, but others need extra help. Sometimes the environment can be extremely distracting, especially when dogs see other dogs. This class is similar to the Focused Fido class, but we work on adding in more distractions and how to help dogs truly get their focus on their human!

Focused Fido

Learn how to get focus from your dog, and how to keep it!


​Having your dog focus on you is a tough thing to receive. The world is so exciting, and it may seem when you try to get your puppy's attention, that they don't hear you or are ignoring you. 

 Learn skills to help your puppy stay focused and disciplined during distracting moments. It is important that even when puppies see something they want to chase or go see, they can still focus back on their human. 

registration + packages + tuition
Individual Class 


Sign up for each class separately with no commitment to a package! Or maybe you've already taken some classes and just want to come to one or two for a refresher! 
Jump Start Basic Training Package


This is a great value package! Enjoy four classes with this package. This includes the orientation class plus any three out of the seven classes we offer! 
Premium Training Package


Enjoy six classes with this package. Take the orientation class, and then any five out of the seven classes we offer! A great choice and value for a well rounded training program!
Get it all! Training Package


The package that allows you to take all eight classes to really enhance your dog's training and learning journey! Enjoy the orientation class, and all seven of our other classes we offer!
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