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Miranda Livesay
15 years ago Miranda was introduced to the world of dog training by her first dog, a papillon named Lady. Looking for an outlet for Lady’s energy, she reached out to a local dog training club and joined an agility class. She was immediately hooked! Initially she thought agility was about running as fast as you could, but quickly learned that, without solid dog training techniques, you could not be successful. So the studying began! Miranda read anything she could get her hands on, took classes and seminars, and began putting what she learned to use for her own dogs and the dogs of friends and family. 
This desire to learn led her to a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M University where she continued her learning in the classroom and out of the classroom with the help of training mentors. She continued competing in agility, rally, and conformation with her two shelties, Ryder & Skylar along with providing manners and agility classes at a local daycare facility.

After graduation, Miranda moved back to the Houston area where she continues to help families and their dogs live in harmony by helping them learn manners and obedience skills using only the most up to date, scientifically based techniques. Miranda now lives in Spring with her husband Andrew and their sheltie puppy Relic.
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