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How we are keeping you safe and healthy!

MASKS are optional for people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19.  We will not be requiring vaccinated records and this will be completely honor system.  We encourage you to wear a mask if you are not vaccinated against COVID-19.  

GLOVES are provided in the agility area as well as the indoor training rooms.  These are located on the cleaning carts, also labeled "cleaning stations."  These can be used to set bars, run leashes, etc.  and can be thrown away after each use.  

CLEANING STATIONS are located in the agility area (near the wash sinks) as well as the back rooms and are complete with poop bags, paper towels, cleaning spray and gloves.  You are welcome to use these items any time, but we do ask that you only use what you need. 

SEPARATE ENTRANCES for each training area! We ask that if your class is in the back of the building, that you use that door.  If your training session or class is in the agility area, please use the front door.  If you need to visit the store, flex room, lounge area, meeting room and kitchen, please enter through the front door.  Of course, if you're in the agility area, you may go to the bathrooms and kitchen (and office areas) through the door connecting the agility area and office area.  There is also a door in the agility that you can go out and access the grass potty area.  This door does lock though, so head back to the front door to come back into the building! The agility area has two doors, one for entrances and one for exits.  

FREQUENT CLEANING of high traffic areas! Door handles, bathroom doors, etc. are wiped down daily to ensure they stay clean! The facility is vacuumed and mopped on a weekly basis at the very least.  The crating room is also cleaned regularly.  The tables in the kitchen are wiped down after each use by staff members and the fridge and counters are frequently cleaned as well.  We have gotten so many compliments about how clean our facility is, and we plan to keep it that way! 

Building Policies

Electronic collars, including remote control training collars and bark collars, are strictly prohibited from the building and entire premises at all times. There is absolutely no exception to this rule. 

Prong collars and training chain (collars) may be used if approved by a Krafty K9 instructor prior to the first week of class.  However, these will not be allowed to be used as a training tool (for example, yanking or jerking the dog purposefully in order to make it perform a task).

Head Halters, harnesses and other walking aids are approved for use at the facility. 

Dogs are to be treated in a respectful and positive manner by all people whenever they are on the premises.  Dogs are not to be purposefully hurt, hit, spanked or any other training method that could hurt them physically or psychologically.  Yanking on dog's collars in order to get them to perform a behavior, or out of punishment, is not allowed.  Crates are not allowed to be used as punishment. If Krafty K9 receives complaints or directly witnesses the mistreatment and abuse of any dog, we have the right to ask that person to leave immediately and they will not be issued a refund.   

Customers must pick up after their dog in the grass area and dispose of their pet's waste properly in a waste bin. Dogs are strictly prohibited from relieving themselves on the building outside and inside the building.  If this occurs please find the proper clean up materials and clean up after your dog.  

Dogs must be on leash at all times unless instructed otherwise in a group session, or if they are using the agility equipment.   

Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an extra adult.  Dogs also must have a person accompanying them as well.  Children must not wander the premises or building without an adult accompanying them.  Children also must not pet other dogs outside of their own or run in the building. In the case that the child is going to train the dog in class, this must be approved by a Krafty K9 instructor if they are under the age of 8.  

Dogs are not to sniff or visit other dogs unless they are attending a class where socialization is part of the curriculum.  If this is the case, the instructor will go over the policies and procedures of this part of class before it occurs.  

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