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puppy training that lasts a lifetime


The earlier you get your puppy into a quality training program, the better! Our detailed curriculum is designed with you and your puppy in mind to ensure results. We believe in working as much with you as with your pet. Our goal is to provide long-lasting impact through expert training. We focus on building a trusting relationship between you and your puppy all while they learn important obedience skills and manners!

Pre-registration is required for all classes, including orientation. Enrollment is limited to ensure everyone gets adequate feedback during class time. CLICK HERE to register, or scroll down for more details on classes.

Manage your busy schedule without compromising your puppy's training!

Our puppy training programs offer flexibility, allowing you to use your passes in any package you select. Kick off your training journey with an informative orientation class, and from there, tailor your experience by choosing additional classes. Never worry about missing a session—offering both convenience and top-notch puppy training for you and your furry friend!


Getting started is easy!

You and your dog will attend this 50-minute group class together at our indoor facility. Dogs will be introduced to training concepts, techniques and skills that are the foundation for a lifetime of success! Sit, focus games, name response and recall are just some of the skills presented in this session!


Upcoming orientation dates are listed below! ​​​​


  • Saturday, June 1st, 10:00 am

  • Sunday, June 9th, 1:30 pm

  • Saturday, June 22nd, 11:30 am

Untitled designefdecs.jpeg

After you've completed your orientation class, schedule any of the other seven classes, in any order, at your convenience. These are often scheduled on the same days and times as the orientation classes. Each class is 50 minutes and is a small group format!


Our training classes are listed below: 


Puppy Gym


  • Saturday, June 1st, 12:00 pm

  • Sunday, June 23rd, 12:00 pm

Build trust with your puppy as they navigate through agility type obstacles! It is important that puppies are able to explore their surroundings and experience new and novel surfaces and heights. Puppies always love this session and go home tired and satisfied!

Puppies will enjoy this hour long class designed to enhance their body awareness, confidence and peak their interest in the new world around them!


Making Manners Fun


  • Saturday, June 15th, 11:30 am

In this session, we focus on all those traditional obedience behaviors; loose leash walking, waiting at doors and polite greetings. Puppies will complete lots of games to enhance their understanding and accuracy. 


Introduce your puppy to important life skills such as waiting at the door, loose leash walking and polite greetings! Teach basic manners skills all while making it fun!


Pup-venture Prep


  • Sunday, June 2nd, 11:00 am

Welcome to Pup-Venture Prep, where your furry friend's journey into the heart of urban living begins! This innovative puppy training class is designed to equip your pup with the skills and manners needed for city adventures, from strolls in bustling markets to cozy afternoons at dog-friendly breweries.

In Pup-Venture Prep, we focus on socializing your pup in real-world scenarios, fostering confidence, and instilling good behavior in dynamic city environments. Our experienced trainers guide both you and your pup through engaging sessions that blend obedience training with exposure to the sights, sounds, and smells of urban life.


Recall Rover


  • Saturday, June 8th, 10:30 am

  • Sunday, June 30th, 12:30 pm

"FLUFFY, COME!" If your puppy hears this, do they run towards you as fast as possible? Or do they take their time, and maybe even ignore you?


A reliable recall is one of the most important thing you can teach your puppy. Through lots of different games, we will learn how to understand and maintain a recall throughout your puppy's whole life! 

Dalmatian Dog

Stop Biting Me!


  • Sunday, June 16th, 12:30 pm

Puppy biting can be one of the most frustrating things a puppy can do! Their little razor teeth are so sharp! 


This class will focus on methods and ways to prevent biting, and what to do when the puppy does start biting you. 

**this class is not for dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior. this class is for puppies who are play/puppy biting**

Pet Toys

Everyday Enrichment


  • Saturday, June 29th, 12:30 pm

There may be moments in your day that you just need a break. Or you might think to yourself "Why is my puppy still crazy and energetic, I JUST took them on a walk!" This class is all about how to help keep your puppy mentally stimulated and why that is so important!


Enhance your puppy's critical thinking skills while learning how to complete new tasks! Enrichment helps keep your puppy entertained and mentally stimulated. 


Focused Fido


  • Sunday, June 9th, 12:30 pm

​Having your puppy focus on you is a tought thing to receive. The world is so exciting, and it may seem when you try to get your puppy's attention, that they don't hear you or are ignoring you. 

 Learn skills to help your puppy stay focused and disciplined during distracting moments. It is important that even when puppies see something they want to chase or go see, they can still focus back on their human. 

registration + tuition


Enroll in individual classes without the need for a long-term commitment to a package! Possibly you've already completed some courses and simply wish to attend one or two for a quick refresher, you're welcome to do so.

This package includes:

  • 50-minute class of your choice at our indoor training facility

  • printed, take home lesson specific to each class

  • invitation to our private Facebook support group with lots of info about training!

price per class: $55 

premium training package

Experience six classes with this package. Participate in the orientation class, and choose any five from the seven classes we provide! It's an excellent selection offering both value and a comprehensive training program for your dog.

This package includes:

  • six training class (50 minutes each) of your choice at our indoor training facility

  • printed, take home lesson specific to each class

  • invitation to our private Facebook support group with lots of info about training!

  • AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Certification upon completion of 6 classes

price per package: $195.00

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