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Meghan McMillan

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My journey in dog training started over 25 years ago with a rescued Rottweiler named Tucker.  I worked with Rottweiler rescue and trained him myself at the age of 15.  That's when my passion for training and behavior began.  After college I began learning all I could about behavior science.  I volunteered for several years with the SPCA's Good Manners program training the large adoptable dogs to make them more adoptable.  Then I moved on to work professionally as an apprentice dog trainer with My Dog and Me and later started my own dog training business where I did private in-home training for several years before working at Petsmart off and on for 10 years as a trainer doing both group and private lessons. 

I've competed in canine disc with two dogs, and my current dog is starting her journey in nose work and has titles in fastcat.


My great love is seeing families develop a rich, mutually beneficial relationship with their dogs.  Companion dog obedience allows our canine friends to share our lives in a much more fulfilling way.  My mission to to ensure that no matter what your goals are for your four-legged companion, you are prepared to meet them with the skills you learn in my classes.  

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