Trick dog classes at KK9!

Trick dog 
2 week sessions
Instructor: Marcella Ward

New class start dates: 

  • Novice Trick Dog:

    • TBD

  • Intermediate Trick dog

    • Saturday, March 5th, 4 pm

Each 2 week session will focus on earning the titles in the AKC trick dog program! 


This is a great class for dogs to not only receive some official titles to their name, but also for owners and dogs to build a relationship and learn some fun party tricks! This is a great class for dogs who want to build confidence and also a capacity for learning.  Whether you want to participate in dog sports, just participate in a fun class, or earn official AKC titles, this is the class for you!  

Price per team: $55 (includes trick dog evaluation & paperwork to send into AKC)