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Amy Parker


Amy’s first encounter with THE Border collie was 13 years ago. Her grown daughter rescued Dixie, a sweet, affectionate, cuddly and very energetic dog.  After falling hard for Dixie, Amy decided to find a girl ‘just like Dixie’. In 2010 Amy brought home Cricket.  BUT… Cricket was nothing like Dixie.  OH NO!  Independent, aloof, and pushy but smart as a whip.  And so began Amy’s journey with border collies and agility. Amy added Kitt to the family in 2017.  He is the cuddly one!








Along the way Amy has taught basic obedience, beyond basic, nose work and agility. Best of all is finding a community that supports and encourages you and training partners, instructors, and mentors  to hold you accountable.  

“I love to train.  Trials are the celebration of your training.”

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