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DIY Boxes






Get ready for an exciting dog training challenge! In this event, teams will face 100 boxes in one space. Although the boxes may vary in materials like plastic or cardboard, they'll be of similar sizes and shapes. Your dog's task is to find anywhere from 1 to 15 hidden scents, including birch, anise, and clove, within 7 minutes. Teams must call out "alert" when they discover a scent and then "finish" when they think they've found them all. This is a fun and engaging way to test your dog's scent detection skills with a multitude of diverse boxes!


Teams of all skill levels are invited to join in, making this event a fantastic test and training experience for participants at any stage of their journey. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, everyone is welcome! The search will be overseen by a judge, ensuring a fair evaluation, and a timer will be in place to track the progress of each participant. It's an inclusive opportunity for dog enthusiasts to enhance their skills, regardless of their current level of training.


Date of event: December 31, 2023
There will be two heats, which means there will be two chances to compete, play and possibly win! You are welcome t
o enter both heats, or just one.

  • Heat #1: 11:00 am

  • Heat #2: 12:15 pm
    **we will start the first heat at 11 am and will immediately follow with heat #2. This may mean that we will start the second heat earlier or later than expected**


Of course there will be prizes for the winners! There will be awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! Prizes will consist of a gift bag of surprise goodies for you and your pup to enjoy. Prizes for both heats will be different, incase someone places in both heats! Placements will be based on time + faults + amount of hides found. This means competitors will be competing against each other, and the team that finds the most amount of hides in the shortest period of time wins!


  • 7 minutes per run (30 second warning)

  • "Finish" must be called (this will stop the timer)

  • Handler must be able to identify the correct container

  • KK9 will only accept one entry for each heat per dog.

  • warm up boxes will be available. odor is not allowed on the property except for what is being used for the trial by the trial committee.

  • wrong call will count as a fault 


  • over allotted time

  • Dog eliminates in search area

  • being rude to your dog, other competitors or event coordinators

  • cheating


Price per dog per heat..................$18​.00

Entry to both heats......................$28.00

Bonus exterior run (1 hide).............$5.00

Bonus interior run (1 hide)..............$5.00

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