About Stacy

Stacy Bols opened Proof Positive Dog Training in 2007. She has 20 years of dog training experience and more than 14 years of agility training experience. Stacy has competed successfully with both large and small dogs in various venues over the course of her competitive career and her students range from Border Collies to Labradors to Pugs and many in between.

Kermit is her newest agility dog, a miniature schnauzer imported from Russia. Just starting out in her agility career is already taking 4 venues by storm competing in AKC, USDAA, UKI and ASCA. So far in her young career she has achieved the following, 2017 USDAA Cynosports Grand Prix champion, 2017 USDAA Cynosports Steeplechase Finals 2nd place, completed her UKI championship, MACH4, ADCH, competed in the 2017 UKI US Open, 2018 AKC Agility Nationals in Reno, 2018 and 2019 AKC Agility Invitational.

Stacy’s 2nd agility dog, Krusher (miniature schnauzer), is a dual venue champion being the first miniature schnauzer in all of USDAA to achieve ADCh-Gold and LAA-Gold and has also completed his MACH7. Stacy and Krusher was a member of the 2014 IFCS World Team representing the United States in the Netherlands, 2011 AKC Agility Nationals 12” Finalist, the #6 Schnauzer in 2010 AKC TopDogs rankings and participated in the 2011 AKC Invitational also making the finals in Orlando, Florida. Krusher also attended the 2011 AKC World Team Tryouts. In 2012 we attended USDAA Cynosports Nationals and were a finalist in Performance Grand Prix finishing 4th overall. Krusher loss his battle to cancer in 2016.

Kassie, Stacy’s rescue Border Collie was a 2011 & 2013 AKC Agility National 20” Finalist, 2016 AKC Agility National P16" Challengers Round and a 2010/ 2012/2016 USDAA National Steeplechase semi-finalist, won gold in PVP Jumpers at 2016 Cynosports at 11 years old . Kassie is also a dual venue champion MACH2/PACH and an ADCh-Bronze LAA-Bronze/PDCH. Kassie now joins Krusher at the Rainbow Bridge.

Payment, Deposit and Refund Information

  • A deposit of 50% of the seminar is required to hold your spot. 

  • Full payment for the seminar is due by the hard closing date of the seminar. 

  • A cancellation fee of $10 will be applied if cancelling between the soft closing date and the hard closing date. 

  • A full refund will be given any time before the soft closing date.

  • NO REFUNDS will be given after the hard closing date. 

  • Refunds are completely up to the discretion of the seminar host - in certain cases of illness, death, acts of God, etc. full or partial refunds may be given on the day of the seminar in form of account credit, cash, PayPal, etc.  

  • Spots may be sold/given to friends if a participant cannot come and the payment will be the responsibility of the original participant.

Soft closing date: December 15th

Hard closing date: January 1st

Mental Games for the Agility Competitor
Friday, January 14th, 3:30 - 7:30 pm
9/12 working spots available
(no audit spots are offered for this - dogs will not be worked during this seminar)
**Dinner will be included (pizza and salad)**

$80 per team ($5 discount for current KK9 students)

Do you get nervous during a show? Maybe you let one bad run determine your whole weekend - how do we overcome that?! Do you let your nerves get to you so bad that you don’t run your dog like you practice? Maybe showing your dog at a show is completely different than when you run in practice. If you feel the show environment is preventing you from being your best - this workshop is for you! Going to nationals in March? Now is the time to work on your mental concentration skills! **no audit spots available as this seminar will be lecture heavy.**

Novice/Beginner Handling
Saturday, January 15th, 9 am - 12:30 pm
**working spots full - email for waitlist**
unlimited audit spots available

$125 per team ($5 discount for current KK9 students)

$55 per audit spot

Using short drills with jumps and tunnels, teams will concentrate on their handling and making sure the dog understands simple, novice level sequences! This seminar is for dogs who are past foundation, and are either showing in novice or not yet showing in novice but almost there!  **dogs must be familiar with tunnels and jumps and able to sequence**

Open/Masters Handling
Saturday, January 16th, 1:30 - 5 pm
*working spots full - email for waitlist**
unlimited audit spots

$125 per team ($5 discount for current KK9 Students)

$55 per audit spot

This seminar will focus on sequences often seen in open/masters courses.  Teams will learn how to set lines and clean up their handling.  Teams will focus on giving accurate and precise information to the dog in order to run fast and clean!  **dogs must be able to sequence jumps and tunnels**

Fancy Skills and Drills - International Level
Sunday, January 17th, 9 am - 12:30 pm
1/6 working spots available
unlimited audit spots

$125 per team ($5 discount for current KK9 students)

$55 per audit spot

We will be working on building the handler’s confidence and dog’s understanding of backside jump sends with some fancy handling thrown in the mix! If you want to show in AKC premiere or International type courses, this is the workshop for you! **Dogs must be able to do jumps and tunnels and be showing or training at the open/masters level**

Seminar topics!