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What is cooperative care? 

Cooperative care training teaches your dog to relaxedly accept handling and grooming. Instead of wrestling furry demons for nail trims, vet exams, and baths, your dog learns to happily participate in their own care.

This force-free method builds trust through positive reinforcement until your dog CHOOSES to cooperate when touched or restrained. We avoid scary flooding or intimidation tactics.

Discover the endless benefits! 

Cooperative care cultivates confidence in being touched, so your dog no longer cowers, resists or reacts during:

  • Nail trims

  • Brushing

  • Baths

  • Ear and teeth checks

  • Temperature taking

  • injections

  • Examinations

Why is it important? 

Dogs shouldn't dread grooming or vet visits. But without training, many panic during handling, triggering stress behaviors like trembling, avoidance, snapping, or aggression. A relaxed dog prevents injuries for both parties, damaging equipment, and additional expenses for unnecessary sedation or muzzles during routine procedures.

Give your dog the gift of trust in human touch. Our classes paved the way for peaceful vets visits, quality grooming, and even enjoyable home health practices like giving medication. Say “good dog!” to cooperative care and goodbye to the days of apprehensive annual exams and sopping wet bath time battles!

registration + tuition
Upcoming class dates:
  • Tuesday, January 9th, 7:50 pm
Cooperative Care Class


This class will run for four weeks, with one class each week. Practice your homework in between class, and polish those skills the following week! 
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